May 12, 2018 2:26 pm


Yes I am on the Ecosystem bandwagon again!  I really do think the online marketing world is headed for a change and I explain why in this video.  I also will explain that the key to building a big online business is not focusing on big numbers.

I have noticed in every little community we stay in that there is a thriving little ecosystem.  Your online business likewise does not have to be "global" to be thriving, but it does need an ecosystem to succeed.  Check out the video here.

So what does on online ecosystem look like for your business.

I believe your business has three layers:

  1. Foundation - your website, your content, your lead capture
  2. Platforms - your social media platforms that you can build an audience and share your content.
  3. Strategies - any conversion strategy or list building strategy paid or unpaid - ie  - evergreen funnels, facebook advertising,  messenger marketing, etc.

Your Foundation and Platform are key to your success with your Strategies.  You might have the best funnel or even product - if you don't build your ecosystem or online presence while you develop your strategies you will constantly be "chasing the sale" instead of looking at your emails in the morning and seeing who much money came into your business while you were sleeping.

It is so interesting - whenever I develop a new funnel or a paid advertising strategy for a client - you have your immediate income and that is that is how we gauge the success of a campaign.  However I have noticed there is a secondary income that comes from people who did not buy the first time - maybe timing was not right - maybe they needed to "consume" you a bit more.   This "Secondary Income" and the success is subsequent promotions to this segment is totally dependant on your online ecosystem.

So don't get caught up in the "blueprint" "one stop shop" "silver bullet" type approaches, step back and look at your whole business and get a good understanding of how healthy your ecosystem is.

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