May 12, 2018 2:25 pm


What is stopping you from building your online business.  It's funny how the smallest thing can speak volumes to your heart.  I was walking through the barley fields of Cyprus when I saw this beautiful butterfly fly past and land on a branch.  I was so moved I shot a video about it.  If you hate videos my summary is below.

When the butterfly landed it assumed what I would guess as a camouflage position, with it's wings upright.  What amazed me was when it's wings were upright you did not notice it's beauty - it looked like a dry leaf.  Only when it spread it's wings did it fly away and you notice the beauty.

So I got to wondering what is it that stops us "spreading our wings"?  What is it that holds us back from building an online business?  What is our comfort zone - our comfortable place.  Is it:

  • Fear of Failure?
  • Fear of what others think?
  • Fear of rejection - maybe we don't think what we have to share is worth it?
  • Maybe we love what we do but we find the "online world" with all of the tech a bit overwhelming?

Many people wonder - after having worked on so many online businesses, running campaigns, building funnels, implementing tech, etc - why I did not just do my own thing.

It took me till only recently to discover I had a comfortable place - of doing great things for others - but my lack of feeling worthy stopped me stepping out and getting what I rightly deserved.   I still have a journey with that personally.

But it inspired me to write this article.  Take some time today and think about what it really is that is blocking you - what is it that is stopping you spreading your wings and sharing your beauty with the world.

I believe everyone is unique and has something special to give - and sometimes whether it be our upbringing, well meaning friends or our social structure in which we currently find ourselves - we believe what others have told us.  If any of that is stopping you from flying throw it out.

I would love to hear about your journey or transformation through business or personal roadblocks.  Feel free to message me any time!

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